After graduating as an Ocean Engineer at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL I went to work on the Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center as an Orbiter Structural/Handling/Payload Engineer for 26 years. I presently work for the Navy in the Strategic Systems Program.

I love to fish when I have time, but I always had issues with broken poles, tangled lines, lost equipment etc. (you know the story) and never had enough room in my house to store them correctly (the garage was always full). I looked at all the areas in the garage but could not wrap my head around where to put the fishing poles. I turned one day a few years ago and saw all my walls were taken with garden equipment, tools and such, and then it hit me that there was nothing on my garage door.

As an engineer, I looked at the problem extensively and came up with an idea. I made my first prototype and had it on the door, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. I reached out to my friend Rich who also worked at the Space center as a tool designer, and we put our heads together to come up with a solution. After many hours of looking over the problem and quite a few prototypes along the way with fit checks on hundreds of garage doors, the garage door solution is what we have. I hope you like it!

​I was born someplace in a land far, far away (Perth Amboy, NJ) and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at UCF. I worked at Kennedy Space Center on the Space Shuttle as a tool design engineer for 29 years. Currently, I am working for Raytheon in Orlando.

I’m not as big a fisherman as I used to be but I have a ton of disorganized stuff in my garage. When Pete and I started working this project over a year ago I went through many iterations. Utilizing the garage door space was absolutely brilliant and had a lot of challenges which I absolutely loved to figure out. The design we came up will not only work for fishing poles, but also garden tools and items that were later brought to our attention. Basically, if it fits in the hole assembly, it will work. Your imagination is the limit.

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