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Cobra® Equipment Bag 

Keep your sports equipment and other items safely stored and easily accessible in your garage.

  • Attaches to any standard garage door panel with four 2″ Cobra Hooks. (included)
  • 32″ x 17″ Mesh storage web equipment bag holds a variety of stuff for easy access.
  • Utilizes your unused space in your garage and clears up your clutter.
  • Protects sports equipment and other items from loss or damage by keeping it up off the floor.
  • Holds up to 10 lbs.
  • Position on any door panel.
  • Does not interfere with door travel.
  • Quality, durable reinforced construction.
  • 4 – 2” COBRA hooks (included)
  • Patent pending.

Clamp or Hard Mount

Use anywhere you need to hang items and create more storage. Clamps to your garage door and items like metal shelving (hardware and clamping blocks included).

Simple design and white color looks good around the house, office and other work areas. Attach to walls and other hard surfaces using your own hardware.

Comparison of Clamp to Lip vs. Hard Mount
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COBRA equipment bag comes with 2 bungees,
4 – 2” COBRA hooks, 4 clamping blocks,
8 bolts and 8 wing nuts.

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