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What else can I store on the racks?2018-10-23T13:58:54-04:00

Pretty much anything you can think of in the Cobra rack holes, behind the rack or attached to the rack by using bungee cords. I personally use it for my fishing equipment, garden tools, umbrellas and household brooms and mops. I’ve seen pictures of people using it for golf clubs, skateboards, walking sticks and such. You can clear up space on your walls and ceilings by using the Cobra rack.

How do I measure my panels to know what to order?2016-02-17T14:56:08-05:00

Normally you can readily tell by looking at the door. If you have four panels that make up your garage door that would be normally be a 21 inch rack and if it were a five panel door it would be an 18 inch rack. To verify, just measure on the outside of the garage door the width of the panels. If it is not a 21 inch or 18 inch panel you would need a custom adapter and you can order them by contacting us by phone or email.

What’s the correct way to install fishing rods if I have my reels on the rods?2018-10-23T13:58:54-04:00

If you look at the photos on the website you will see you should alternate the positioning of the reels on each slot. Simply insert the tip of the pole in first and then slide back and install the back end. On the next slot have the reel positioned on the other end.

My hurricane bar is larger than 3 – 1/2 inches. Is there a way to install the racks so it clears the hurricane bar?2016-02-17T14:54:51-05:00

Definitely! The Cobra rack is designed to clear a 3 – 1/2 inch hurricane bar but a few garage doors have hurricane bars that are made wider than that. You would simply add spacers to the feet of the Cobra rack to clear the difference of the bar along with some longer bolt hardware. You can order those on line from our website or make them yourself.

How much weight can I put on the racks?2016-02-17T14:53:43-05:00

Each rack can safely hold 10 lbs.

Will using the Cobra racks affect the functioning of the garage door?2016-02-17T14:53:09-05:00

No! The garage is actually lifted by the springs on the door and the garage door motor is above and out of the way of the Cobra rack. The motor for the garage door just assists the springs in lifting.

Can I install these on insulated doors?2016-02-17T14:51:20-05:00

Absolutely! The Cobra rack is designed to be installed by clamping or by hard mounting. If your insulation is able to be pushed back a bit the clamping block will fit between the panel and the insulation otherwise you can use a self-tapping screw to hard mount the rack. Instructions for both can be found on the website in the installation instructions.

If my garage door panel is not 21”or 18” or is wooden can I use the racks?2016-02-17T14:49:48-05:00

Of all the Cobra racks we sold we were able to make an adapter to fit anything above the 18” panel width. A spacer needs to be made to accommodate the longer width of a panel. You would just need to call and send a photo of the dimensions on the door. We would be able to custom fit and send the spacer at cost of the material.

Are all garage doors the same?2016-02-16T21:46:51-05:00

Garage doors are pretty much the same from one to another. In the southern region wind restraint or hurricane bars are installed on each of the garage door panels for strength during high winds. The panel width of each panel can vary also but the standard sizes for the panel width on about 90% of the panels is 21 inches. The other major width is 18 inches which is on about 8% of the panels. The reason is the standard height of the entrance to your garage door is 7 feet measured from the ground to the transom at the entrance so either four 21” panels or five 18” panels equal 7 feet.

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