My name is Pete Wagner, I am the co-owner and designer of the Cobra Garage Door Storage racks. I was a Structures Engineer who worked on the Space Shuttle for 26 years and I am presently working as a Mechanical Engineer on the Flight Ballistics Missile Program for the last 8 years. My business partner also worked on the Space Shuttle as a Mechanical Engineer and Tool Designer on the Space Program for 29 years. We have some technical background and have done our due diligence in analyzing the structural parameters of how garage door mechanics work. We have also spoken with the garage door manufacturers, owners of garage door installation companies and seasoned garage door installer technicians to gain additional insight and knowledge about garage door tolerances and functionality.

The springs on the garage door are what actually lift the garage door with the garage door opener assisting the springs in their function. As you may know, if the garage door is balanced and the motor disconnected, you can pull the red handle and open the garage door manually without strain. You can tell if the garage door is balanced by disconnecting the garage door when it is down, lift the garage door halfway and let go. It should stay at this halfway point and if it does not, the garage door is out of balance and needs adjusted. When the garage door is balanced the next adjustment on the springs adds close to 150 lbs of upwards force depending on the springs, so you can add at least 80 lbs to 100 lbs to the garage door before even thinking of having it adjusted. Additionally, a 1/2 hp motor is rated to lift 300 lbs and a 3/4 hp motor is rated to lift 400 lbs and they have additional safety factors built into the unit also.

We state that the racks are rated to hold 10 lbs of equipment for each set only because you can essentially put 8 sets on the garage door for a combined total of 80 lbs. Each rack has been tested to hold 5 times that on their own with ease as they are made of high strength ABS plastic with a tensile strength of 6000 psi and a thermal factor of 145 degrees to minus 20 degrees before it even starts to affect the material properties. We definitely over designed them specifically so the consumers would have no problems with the product while in use.

I have had the prototypes on my garage door for 5 years now and I have had no issues with my springs or my garage door opener. I do check the balance of my garage door every couple of years per the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance and lube once a year.

With that being said, we have had thousands and thousands of customers over the years that have had absolutely no issues while using the Cobra Garage Door Storage products. That is something we are very proud of and we respect all feedback because we want to ensure that we have designed, tested and manufactured a safe, economical and useful product for the community to help them with additional safe storage options for their equipment and tools.
-Pete Wagner