The Cobra Garage Door Storage System

The Cobra Garage Storage System is a revolutionary, patent pending storage system that can easily attach to your garage door in minutes. Designed, manufactured and packaged all in the United States in the great state of Florida, the Cobra Garage Storage System is made of high strength ABS plastic that is strong enough to store anything you put in it.

Garage Door Rack Features

  • Protects your equipment from damage and keeps it readily available.
  • Can be clamped to your garage door without tools or it can be hard mounted to the garage door on walls or ceilings.
  • Readily installs to standard 21″ and 18: garage door panels.
  • Adjustable positioning to handle any equipment length.
  • Utilizes your unused space in your garage and clears up the clutter.
  • Designed to clear a 3-1/2″ hurricane bar.
  • Custom spacers available to fit non-standard doors.

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    American Ingenuity

    The Cobra Garage Door Storage Solution allows you the ability to store your fishing rods, garden tools and other equipment in an otherwise unutilized place in your home – your garage door. It can protect your equipment from damage, includes all hardware and installs in minutes.



    Outstanding product. Measure your panels vertically before ordering. If you have different than 21 inches, advise the seller and he may have a set that fits, he did for mine. The post office damaged the package and it arrived with a note stating repackaged by the US Postal Service, but pieces & instructions were missing. I notified the seller via Amazon and he immediately replaced it – superb customer service. Very easy to install. Comes with detailed installation instructions with pictures / diagrams that explain the simple process very clearly & plainly. Any child could install it. My garage doors are insulated and thus took a little more strength or force to install due to having to slightly compress the insulation to install, but still completed the entire process in less than 7 minutes. I would recommend these in a heartbeat. If they’re installed on a garage door, I’d limit the weight to less than 10-15 lbs total so as not to upset the balance of the door too significantly. However, if it is mounted on a wall or door, it would hold A LOT of weight. I’m very impressed with it. I recommend it without hesitation.

    Fuzzy Z
    I wanted to update my original review, I bought a pair and couldn’t install them because my garage had vertical hurricane braces that are unusually thick 4″ to be precise. I was surprised when the owner Pete called me himself and offered to fixed my problem, he sent me a package with longer bolts and additional shims it worked perfectly. Thank you very much and I will order another one soon!
    Awesome product…..great way to store fishing rods. Most amazing storage invention for fishing rods……uses space that has no other use. I purchased one installed, loved it so much bought 2 more. Installation was a zip…..had installed and rods in place in less that 10 minutes. Will Be telling all my friends….Thanks
    Excellent seller. Provides a great product with better customer service. Truly concerned with the satisfaction of its customers, and one of the best online transactions I’ve had to date.
    Good day, thank you for the very fast service on delivering this fantastic product. Once I installed the first two sets and saw how I was able to relocate almost all my rods to a much safer location I had to order another set and now all the rods are out of the way and in a safer location and has also allowed me to get rid of the roller rod holders I’m always moving around the garage making room for working on different projects. Great invention and when we relocate to Merritt Island, Fl these holders will be going with us for sure. 5 star product for sure. Sincerely, Duane

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